Eastriggs Primary School Pupils Dance at The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The Devil’s Porridge Museum near Annan took part in a fun history themed dance event this week with the help of some of the students from Eastriggs Primary. 

The Museum is part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERiH) which is a network of industrial themed museums across Europe.  Every year, they run a Europe wide dance competition called ‘Work it Out’ and this year The Devil’s Porridge Museum took part.

“The event runs a bit like the Eurovision song contest with participants sending in videos of their dance in the special caps made for the event.” explained Judith Hewitt, the Museum Manager.  “All the participants then get to vote.  We don’t know if we’ll win but we had great fun learning the dance steps and performing them outside by Sir James, the Locomotive.  Taking part is important to share our museum story across Europe.  The young people took pride in the past of their area and understood a little more about the important industrial history that the Museum shares which is great too!”

The class plan to continue practising the dance moves while back in school – an enjoyable and creative way to get a little exercise and engage with history.