Police Scotland notes the conviction of Andrew Brown and Dean Melnyk for the murder of Kevin MacKay in Ecclefechan on 22 August 2013.  Chief Inspector Steven


Lowther, Area Commander for Dumfriesshire said “the village and community of Ecclefechan have gone through a traumatic time recently.  The death of Jamie Abba and the murder of Kevin MacKay has left two families devastated.   These events have clearly affected the wider community as well.  Throughout this period, and as we now hopefully start to move forward, Police Scotland want to reassure the people of Ecclefechan of our commitment to keeping people safe.  We will continue to work hard with the community, with those who represent the community and with other agencies who can help bring some sort of normality back to the village in the wake of

these tragic events.  Of course we understand that there are still tensions in and around the village, however we want to make it quite clear that, as in the past, tensions which boil over into acts which break the law will be dealt with firmly and robustly.  Our Community Policing Team is always available to assist where necessary and to listen to issues which affect the local community.  To coin an old phrase – ‘our door is always open’ and we are



only a phone call away – through 101 if not an emergency, and through 999 if it requires an immediate response.



Throughout these recent times however we have been encouraged by the willingness of the people of Ecclefechan to help the police wherever possible to assist us in our enquiries, and we hope that this will continue into the future.  Our commitment to the people of Ecclefechan, as with all other communities across Scotland is to work with them to help identify and solve problems. 


Officers from Police Scotland will continue to play a part in the life of the village and will continue to provide the necessary presence on the streets, in the school and at the day centre, indeed anywhere in the village, where we feel we can help, and where our help is needed. 

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