Emma Harper MSP Visits Kirkcudbright Primary School

South of Scotland MSP Emma Harper visited Kirkcudbright Primary school earlier this week to talk to pupils about her job as an MSP.

Emma spoke to the children about the differences between devolved and reserved matters, and provided them with literature from the Scottish Parliament.

Ms Harper said:

“It was great to visit Kirkcudbright Primary, the pupils were very engaged and had lots of questions.
“I provided them each with an envelope containing leaflets from the parliament explaining how things work. Each envelope also contained different words about what I as an MSP each day to prompt discussion.
“I took many clever questions as the discussion proceeded. The students were very enthusiastic.


“We discussed the difference between Holyrood and Westminster and I was asked questions about sectarianism, welfare support and Brexit.


“I was asked what my priorities are for Scotland and my answer was to reduce poverty and protect the National Health Service because it is the most important public service that we have in Scotland. I also discussed with the kids the importance of education so that they could opt to pursue the career that they choose.


“The kids liked the idea of free tuition when or if they choose further education.

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