Emma Harper MSP welcomes review of snaring legislation

Today, Emma Harper MSP has welcomed the planned review of the legislation on snares.

Snares are wire noose traps used extensively across Scotland, mainly to catch foxes on shooting estates and farms to protect pheasants and grouse for commercial shoots.

The last time the issue was debated in Parliament was 2011. Despite a hard fought campaign by the League and OneKind, the Government voted to regulate the use of snares rather than making their sale, use and manufacture illegal in Scotland.

However, the Scottish Government is committed to reviewing snaring laws by the end of this year.

Ms Harper said,

“Scotland currently has the most stringent legislation on snares in the United Kingdom. However, the time is right to consider how effective this legislation has been, and to re-open the debate on snares.”

Speaking on behalf of the joint campaign, Jennifer Dunn said “We are delighted that Emma Harper MSP has attended our event at the Scottish Parliament and shown a great interest in the arguments around this debate.

“Over the next few weeks and months the League and OneKind will be campaigning hard to persuade the Scottish Government to use the opportunity presented by the snaring review to make the sale, use and manufacture of snares illegal in Scotland, ending the pain and suffering they cause for good.”


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