Emma Harper Raises Awareness Of Dyslexia Awareness Week

South Scotland MSP, Emma Harper, has raised a motion in the Scottish Parliament raise awareness of Dyslexia Awareness Week (Monday 4 -Sunday 10 October).


This year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week focuses on seven key themes to mark each day and these are;


  • Launch Day
  • Adults Day – focussing on dyslexia in the workplace and in higher education
  • Children’s Day – focussing on dyslexia in the school system
  • World Dyslexia Day – focusing on dyslexia around the world and the varying and unequal support available to those with dyslexia
  • Co-occurring Differences Day – focusing on the often overlooked co-occurring differences that accompany dyslexia and the wider neurodiverse community
  • Visibility Day – focusing on sharing the dyslexia stories of those who would otherwise go unheard
  • World Mental Health Day –  which explores the link between dyslexia and mental health


It is estimated that around one in ten people in Scotland have dyslexia, and that dyslexia is often particularly prevalent amongst Scotland’s agricultural community. Dyslexia often comes with many challenges, but many people with dyslexia feel their struggles go unseen because dyslexia itself isn’t visible.


Emma Harper commented;


“I welcome that, over the covid-19 lockdown, Scottish Government funding enabled Dyslexia Scotland to set up a Tutor Bursary Fund to pay for tutoring for dyslexic children whose parents had been financially affected by COVID-19, providing for over 100 hours of tutoring to children and young people across Scotland.
“I’d like to thank Dyslexia Scotland for all that they do to raise awareness of, and support those with, dyslexia in Scotland and I have raised a motion in parliament to encourage all to be dyslexia aware and to access the Dyslexia Scotland Toolkit which is available online.”

The Dyslexia Scotland toolkit can be found on  https://www.dyslexiascotland.org.uk/our-leaflets

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