Finlay Carson, MSP Asks Why People Still Can’t ‘Take A Cord” At Loved Ones Funerals?

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Families and relatives are still being denied the chance to “take a cord” at loved ones funerals.

Many are being left distraught and totally devastated at not being allowed to help lay the coffin into the grave.

Current restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government has halted this time honoured practice.

Now a Dumfries and Galloway MSP has lodged a parliamentary question asking ministers to review and change the regulations as a matter of urgency.

Yesterday Finlay Carson, MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries, highlighted the ludicrous situation still facing mourners across Scotland.

He said: “My father was buried in October and given the Covid situation at the time my family sadly accepted the reason for the strict rules around funerals and burials.
“Last week one of my constituents lost his mother and has been told that despite all the close family being double vaccinated and wearing masks, and also being outdoors, they cannot take a cord at her funeral.”

The Scottish Conservative MSP has questioned the logic surrounding the present ban especially as it only involves a handful of people at a time.

He added: “Given that pubs can operate with only one metre social distancing indoors and there are also plans for thousands to be able to congregate in a fanzone and watch football while being able to drink alcohol, the ban on taking a cord is just totally illogical.
“I have now asked the First Minister to review and change these regulations which, in a constituency like mine that is now in tier one, to the vast majority it appears both ludicrous and inhumane.”