First Covid-19 Vaccinations In Dumfries & Galloway

A MASS programme of vaccination against COVID-19 in the region got underway at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary (DGRI) today.


Everyone eligible to receive the vaccination is being encouraged to take up the opportunity when it is presented – but not to call the NHS or their GP, and to continue following directions aimed at tackling the coronavirus.


Initially, vaccinations are being delivered at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary with the approach of vaccinating the ‘front door’ hospital teams but expanding across all front line health and social care staff, including care home and care at home staff.


Dr David Pedley is a consultant in the Emergency Department team at DGRI, and today received the first vaccination in a two-stage process – with his second required within 21 to 28 days.


Dr Pedley said: “The arrival of the first vaccine against COVID-19 is a hugely important and very welcome development. COVID-19 is highly contagious and very dangerous. It not only poses a major threat to people’s health and wellbeing, but also really challenges our ability to deliver essential services.
“I firmly believe that the vaccine which I received today is the best, safest means for us to tackle the dangers posed by COVID and be able to get on with our lives. I had no reservations about receiving my vaccination, and would strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated when it’s their opportunity.
“I’d also like to note that even after my second vaccination it will be crucial that I and everyone else in that position continues to follow the national rules – around face coverings, hand hygiene and physical distancing and interaction – until widespread immunity is established across Dumfries and Galloway.”

Dr Pedley’s advice has been echoed by NHS Dumfries and Galloway Medical Director Dr Kenneth Donaldson.


Dr Donaldson said: “The arrival of the first vaccine against COVID-19 is a fantastic development, but it will be a while before we have widespread immunity against the coronavirus.
“In the meantime it’s essential that everyone continues to follow the national directions aimed at preventing its spread, even once they’ve been vaccinated.
“While we appreciate there’s an eagerness to find out when vaccines will be provided to everyone, we’d ask that people not contact their GP or the NHS. The first recipients will be front line health and social care staff, care home residents and staff, over 80s and carers, and everyone in these categories will be contacted directly.
“Although we’re starting our vaccinations with health care staff this week, we hope to very quickly be able to vaccinate care home residents and staff – potentially concluding their first round of vaccinations before the end of the month.
“Finally, I’d just like to take the opportunity to assure everyone about the processes which have taken place to get us to this point. While this year has frequently been unsettling and confusing, scientists have been working away quietly in the background to create vaccines which offer the best protection against COVID, and which they have worked to demonstrate as being safe and effective.
“I’d encourage everyone to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated when it’s their opportunity, as doing so is the best means to protect not just ourselves, but our loved ones, our friends, neighbours, colleagues and communities.”



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