Sadie Brightens Up Care Home Thanks To Talents As Florist

Everything is coming up roses at a Dalbeattie care home – thanks to an 85-year-old resident who has revived her talents as a florist.

Sadie McCallie taught herself how to arrange flowers many years ago, when she and her late husband, Les, ran the Craigend Stores in Southwick Road, Dalbeattie.

Now the Alma McFadyen Care Centre, where Sadie lives, always has fresh blooms, expertly arranged – to the delight of residents and staff.

News of her floral prowess has spread and now the nearby Co-operative supermarket sometimes sends its unsold flowers for her to make up bouquets and vases.

Dalbeattie Parish Church also sends flowers that have been displayed at its events so that great grandmother Sadie can enjoy making arrangements.

“It’s like a mini florist’s in here and Sadie likes to sit near our reception area with a table in front of her making her displays,” said Alma McFadyen manager Leanna Mitchell.
“She does them beautifully.”

Sadie’s sister, Thea Rae, aged 68, said: “She got interested in floristry when she and Les ran the stores and she taught herself how to arrange flowers.

“She used to make holly wreaths at Christmas and then started getting requests to make floral displays for funerals.

“When they were really busy I used to go in and help. Sadie missed doing the flower arrangements after they left the grocery store but she is enjoying doing them again now.”

The 24-bed Alma McFadyen Care Centre is run by the St Philips Care Group and is based in Mill Street in the heart of Dalbeattie.