Flower Power Thanks To Council Garden Squad

Queensberry Square in Dumfries Town Centre has had a blooming marvellous makeover in the last few weeks thanks to our Council’s green-fingered gardeners.

The works, undertaken by Nursery Foreman Brian McAviney and his team at the Cargen Towers Nurseries started in the spring, and the flowers were planted during June.

The wonderful display features Begonia Non Stop Orange flowers edged with Begonia Non Stop White. The dot plants used are Millet. The raised displays are a mix of Petunia Fanfare White and Begonia Illumination Orange.

If the weather does not deteriorate too much, the plants should bloom until at least the end of December.

Communities Committee Vice Chairperson, Councillor John Martin commented on the displays lighting up the Dumfries Town Centre. He said;

“A massive amount of credit should go to the Gardening squad out at the Nurseries. I visited a couple of months back and the effort and attention to detail that the team show is absolutely outstanding. The display here in Dumfries, and all over our region really does set high street’s off. Not only does it look impressive during holiday and tourist season, but it gives locals a boost too. The area in Queensberry Square is a popular haunt for folks to enjoy a coffee or a sandwich at lunchtime during the better weather, and the floral display certainly enhances the area.”

Our Council grows in excess of 75,000 plants every year, with over 100 different varieties of flowers being grown in the poly-tunnels at Cargen Towers.

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