FREE Clinic To Help Loss of Brows/Lashes Due to Alopecia or Chemotherapy.


Nicole Hunter’s Dumfries based business ‘VIP Brows’ is running a free clinic offering a permanent makeup service for people who suffer hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy.  

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing offers clients with little or no hair the chance to have eyebrows again.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss.  Nicole offers a solution to this by creating bespoke hair stroke & powdered brows to help give clients confidence back.

Chemotherapy is the cancer drug treatment most likely to cause hair loss or hair thinning.

Eyebrow hair loss can cause more emotional distress on top of the already on going stress of coping with cancer & treatment.

Nicole told DGWGO “I wants to try & help clients feel more positive at this difficult time.  Permanent make up can be carried out before or after treatment.”


Her first clinic ran in January, the picture below show the result for the client who recently overcame her battle with cancer.

The second picture is an example of hair stroke brows.

Nicola told DGWGO exactly What the treatment involves “First you are given a patch test to check for allergy.  On the day of your appointment a consultation is carried out and shape, colour of your brows to compliment your natural skin tone and hair colour.  A template of the brows is drawn on before the tattooing begins.  The tattooing isn’t particularly sore, it can be slightly tender afterwards.  It’s a two part procedure so you will be booked back in for your top up treatment 4 – 6 weeks later.”


This monthly clinic is running from within Beauty Spot, 160 St Michael St, Dumfries.

There are limited places for this monthly clinic.

To apply, please contact   http://m.me/vipbrowspermanentmakeup , mobile -07712677287, [email protected].

You can also nominate a loved one that deserves to have this done.

To be as fair as possible, clients will be picked at random from the list of applicants.

You can also visit Nicole’s website at www.vipbrows.com