GMRT Provide Newton Stewart With Lifesaving Public Access Defibrillator

  • Last week, Galloway Mountain Rescue Team (GMRT) launched its newest lifesaving tool into service – a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD). The PAD is often referred to a ‘shock-box’ that anyone can use by following the audible commands when turned on.

Once connected, the PAD will talk to the user and advise when to start/stop Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and when to press ‘charge’ and ‘shock’ to electrically restart a failing heart.

Launching their PAD, GMRT’s Medical Officer Sue Vest said, “Public access defibrillators can be found all over Scotland, and are vital pieces of equipment in the crucial early minutes of a cardiac arrest.” Sue explains, “When someone is in cardiac arrest, they are unconscious and not breathing, so it is really important that CPR starts and a defibrillator is connected as soon as possible.”

This month, the Scottish Ambulance Service launched a new campaign to have as many PADs registered across Scotland with their Ambulance Control Centres.

GMRT Water Rescue Coordinator Neil Dalrymple said, “By having our PAD registered with the Ambulance Control Centre; should a 999 call be made by the public with someone in cardiac arrest, then the 999 call handler can direct them to the nearest PAD, whilst arranging an emergency response.”

The PAD was purchased by GMRT, and in conjunction with the Scottish Ambulance Service, is stored in an electrically powered PAD cabinet outside the team’s Rescue Base, Princes Avenue in Newton Stewart.

Should the PAD be used on someone in cardiac arrest, either directed by Ambulance Control or not, GMRT will service the PAD and equipment before making it available again.

GMRT are also proud to support Castle Douglas’s Community owned PAD outside our shared rescue base, Castle Douglas Fire Station.

GMRT would urge any other custodians of PADs to register their PAD with the Scottish Ambulance Service by visiting pad.scottishambulance.com

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