Guid Nychburris Principals Visit DGRI

The Guid Nychburris principals visited Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary on Thursday 15th June and met staff and patients – of all ages. 

Last year’s Pursuivant, consultant haematologist Dr Ranjit Thomas, welcomed the principals to the hospital on Thursday afternoon. The hospital has a strong connection with this year’s Guid Nychburris parade as well – the Cornet’s Lass this year is pharmacy technician Ellie McKean. 

Ellie said: “It’s been really nice to come and visit today, to see some of the patients and put a smile on a few faces.” 

Cornet Robert Willey said: “For myself it’s been very interesting to come and see where Ellie works behind the scenes and see all the hard work that everyone puts in here.” 

The principals and Dr Thomas took the opportunity to recognise NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s longest-serving member of staff, pharmacy support worker Stephen Kirk, who will retire at the end of June at the age of 66 after fifty years’ service. Stephen was presented with a Guid Nychburris sash bearing the words NHS HERO by the Cornet’s Lass, Ellie McKean. 

Dr Thomas said: “Stephen has worked for fifty years at NHS Dumfries and Galloway, first at the old hospital at Nithbank, and then at what’s now the old hospital at Mountainhall. He’s also been a strong supporter of Guid Nychburris for decades as well.” 
Guid Nychburris principals visit DGRI

Stephen Kirk said: “I’m enjoying it all and I’m very honoured.” 

 Also visiting were this year’s Queen of the South, Ava Nosratzadeh, and her attendants Niamh Stainthorpe and Eva Hope, all from St Joseph’s College; and this year’s Lynors, Rory Boyd, Hamish Carr, Todd Clark and Chris Irving.   

“It’s been a busy week but it’s been great fun,” said Ava. “I’m very glad to have come here today and we’ve had a very warm welcome from everyone. It’s nice to see people in the wards, and the people working here as well.” 

The Principals visited the children’s ward and met Jamie Gold, one of the patients, in the ward’s outdoor play area, and then went on to meet older patients in Ward C9, laboratory staff in the hospital’s haematology laboratory, and some of Ellie’s colleagues in the pharmacy.