Guide Dog Boarders Needed In Dumfries

Could you look after a guide dog in your home for up to 10 weeks? Guide Dogs Scotland are looking for advanced boarders in Dumfries!

Boarding an advanced training dog is a rewarding experience for all involved, but don’t just take our word for it!

Helen Denholm, from Dumfries, has been boarding two-year-old Vespa and told us her experience of boarding.

She said: “I’ve been a Guide Dogs volunteer for almost 15 years, and am registered as a puppy walker, boarder, speaker and, in the past, mentor. I have been boarding dogs at the advanced stage of their training since last October, and Vespa is my second.
“I made the move to advanced boarding because I was struggling with the pups now. Since my husband died two years ago, it has not been manageable on my own to train or board a young pup while having a pet dog. Boarding advanced training dogs was an ideal way to continue supporting Guide Dogs.
“My experience as a boarder is totally positive. The trainer sets out mutually acceptable guidelines and is always on hand for any support required at any time.
“The dog spends the day training, and comes home to stay before being picked up in the morning again. At weekends, the dog has downtime at home to relax, have nice walks – a real pleasure to walk a well-trained dog – and can just enjoy being pampered!
“There is no downside to this type of boarding. You care for a beautifully-trained young dog in your home for up to 10 weeks. It’s not a long-term commitment and no further training is required from the boarder, just a continuation of using the established commands and behaviours.
“To any potential boarder, I would say go for it!”

If you would like to learn more please email [email protected] or to apply to be an advanced boarder, please contact Jaegar Anderson on [email protected].

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