Hadrians Wall Charity Challenge for Moffat Lady – Massive Outpouring Of Love

Moffat resident Fiona Biddlecombe-Hall (Fee) is challenging herself to literally walk in the shoes of refugees. Joining forces with a friend, together they are trekking Hadrians Wall, which amounts to a walk of over 80 miles; just a fraction of the distance that most displaced people have to walk to get to relative safety. This will be completed over four consecutive days from 1st to 4th June, averaging a total of 20 miles a day!


As a self-employed masseuse, and former Drugs Worker and Therapist, Fee has been involved in helping others for a long time, and feels a strong empathy with refugees. Fee says “As a mother of 2 children, the thought of having to walk for days on end to try and safeguard your children is a very moving and scary reality that could happen to anyone. As a parent, you know you would do anything to try and remove your family from harm, even if it means leaving everything and everyone behind that you know and love to relocate to somewhere that may bring hardship, and where you and your family may even encounter prejudice and intolerance”.


The idea of the Wall Walk is to put herself in their shoes and raise awareness, as well as money, to help more people in their plight, and spread kindness along the way.


Fee is a Trustee and long-time supporter of Massive Outpouring of Love (MOOL), a Dumfries based Charity (SC043633) which helps refugees and displaced persons both overseas and closer to home. As such, Fee has seen the incredible hardship faced by refugees fleeing conflict, and the spirit with which this is faced.


MOOL was founded by Moxie DePaulitte, of Dumfries, in September 2015,  in response to the horrific plight of the refugees fleeing persecution and civil war. What began as a one-off art event, designed to humanise the crisis, soon grew into a vibrant humanitarian movement, which drew a huge group of likeminded individuals together from across the region, and continues to support refugees and displaced persons with physical aid and human kindness. All money raised will go towards developing and continuing their amazing work, which you can discover more about at www.mool.scot


Fee is fundraising via JustGiving Crowdfunding and her page can be found here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mool-fee-biddlecombe-hall. An initial total of £300 has been set, but Fee would love to smash that target and help raise much needed funds to support MOOL in its future work.

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