Harper Applauds D&G Volunteering Effort In Response To Covid-19 

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper has welcomed the large number of people who have come forward to volunteer in their communities in response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Ms Harper has also welcomed the Scottish Government’s new nationwide ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign, which has been launched to help people understand how to volunteer and to coordinate them in doing so. Information on Scotland Cares can be viewed on: www.scotlandcares.scot


Volunteering can take many forms, from helping those vulnerable members of your community with acquiring the essentials such as food and medication to speaking on the phone to provide company and a friendly chat to neighbours and others.

Ms Harper has herself stepped up to offer her services to NHS Dumfries & Galloway as she is still a registered nurse with a wealth of previous experience in nursing in the UK and overseas.
Commenting, MSP Emma Harper said:

“In these difficult times, people across our region want to make a difference in their community. The response from Dumfries & Galloway residents has already been impressive, with Third Sector D&G already receiving over 800 responses from volunteers.
“While not everyone will be able to volunteer, the new Scotland Cares campaign will help people to make a real difference and will help people understand the most appropriate way for them to become involved, and will help to coordinate volunteers in doing so. 
“The Scottish Government is working closely with local government and a range of partners to co-ordinate the volunteering effort across Scotland. Through the readyscotland.org website, people can connect to where their contribution is most needed in their local community.
“For some, that may involve roles responding to specific needs in health and social care. For others, it may be helping to ensure those in vulnerable groups have access to essentials such as food and any medications they may need. 
“I again want to applaud and thank everyone across our region for their efforts during this difficult time. I and my staff are available to anyone looking for any advice and support.”

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