Msp Emma Harper Visits Canine Rescue Centre Open Day

South of Scotland MSP Emma Harper visited the Canine Rescue Centre at Glencaple near Dumfries for the Open Day on Sunday April 9th.

Emma was greeted by rescue centre manager Fiona Clarkson and was joined by Alastair Witts and John Campbell, candidates for the upcoming local election on May 4th. All were taken on a tour of the centre by Pam Kelly, to see the renovation that has been completed and view some of the dogs which are waiting to be rehomed.

Commenting on the Open Day, Ms Harper said:

“I was delighted to visit the Canine Rescue Centre for the Open Day. The centre has excellent facilities. This is a great place that does great work by professional competent people.
“I have been pursuing issues in parliament related to animal welfare and specifically illegal puppy trafficking and I encourage anyone who wishes to obtain a new dog please consider a rehoming centre as an option.”

John Campbell brought along his dog, Charlie, who enjoyed playing in the exercise field with Emma’s dog, Taffee, a border collie who was previously rescued from this centre.

Commenting on the visit, John said:

“The centre has a Supported Adoption Scheme, called S.A.D. which is a great way to encourage adoption of dogs that require ongoing medical treatment which leads to additional costs. The SAD scheme aims to make a dog happy and the Rescue Centre will pay for all the Vets bills.”

Councillor Alastair Witts also commented:

“My son’s family obtained their dog, Sasha, 11 years ago from this canine rescue centre and she has been a loving member of their family and a great companion for the youngsters”

Manager Fiona, would like to remind members of the public that as well as the centre being a place to hold stray dogs, it is also a place where dogs can be brought who are no longer wanted for whatever reason. Fiona encourages using the centre as better way to rehome a dog than to advertise on social media where there is a risk that a dog may be rehomed to an unsuitable place.


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