Harper Urges People in D&G to Participate in Social Security Consultation

MSP for the South of Scotland Emma Harper has urged people across Dumfries & Galloway to take the opportunity to help shape Scotland’s first ever social security system.

The Scottish Government has launched a 13-week consultation looking for views on the benefits being devolved to Scotland, as well as how they are delivered.


The process of transferring power, for the Scottish Parliament to make legislation in relation to a limited number of benefits, including disability and carers payments, passed an important milestone in July when regulations were laid at Westminster to begin the transfer.


Emma said:


“The Government has already committed to a number of measures that will benefit people in Scotland, including increasing Carer’s Allowance to the level of Jobseeker’s Allowance and replacing the Sure Start Maternity Grant with an expanded Maternity and Early Years Allowance.


“But it’s vital that we gather views from as many people as possible from across Scotland about their own experience of benefits, and how they think the system could be improved in the future.


“Although the forthcoming devolution of social security powers will still leave Westminster in control of 85% of all benefits spending, this is a good opportunity to suggest ways in which we can improve those parts of the system we will have control over and help create a fairer social security system that treats people with dignity and respect.


“I would urge anyone in our region with experience of the benefits system or ideas about how we can improve it to take part in the consultation, which will be open until 28th October. You can access the consultation here:


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