Harper Welcomes ‘Wee Ginger Dug’ to Dumfries

South of Scotland MSP Emma Harper welcomed political blogger, Paul Kavanagh, and his four legged friend ‘Ginger’ to Dumfries to celebrate ‘National Dog Day’ last Friday, and talk Scottish politics.


Paul runs the pro-independence blog ‘Wee Ginger Dug’, and was one of the most prominent writers to emerge from the pro-independence movement surrounding the 2014 referendum.


Ms Harper welcomed Paul and Ginger to the Cairndale hotel on Friday night, along with Joan McAlpine MSP.


Ms Harper commented:


“It was wonderful to have Paul and Ginger in Dumfries last Friday. It was a lovely event, and I was pleased that over 50 people came along to meet them.


“Paul is a well kent blogger, author & regular columnist in the National Newspaper. He writes under the nom de plume Wee Ginger Dug. His blog was one of the social media sensations of the Scottish Independence Referendum.


“Beneath Paul’s wit and linguistic trickery, there lies an encyclopaedic knowledge of Scottish politics. He writes political satire in the best tradition. No punches are pulled, and strangely the humour is both brutal and subtle. Paul is always ready with a smart phrase that encapsulates both the absurdities we live through and the real hopes for change that have caught Scotland’s imagination.


“I should also point out that Paul is not a member of the SNP or any other political party, and he is not associated with any official campaigns or organisations. His opinions are his and his alone. He speaks for no one but himself, and, of course, Ginger, the Wee Ginger Dug.”


Joan McAlpine MSP added:


“Paul explained he was a lifelong Labour supporter who is now convinced that independence is the best way to secure Scotland’s future. Born and raised in the East End of Glasgow he said his eyes were opened when he moved to Europe and saw how other countries, such as The Netherlands, had prospered. He spent much of his adult life in Spain where he edited an English language newspaper. He pointed to statements from a wide variety of leading Spanish politicians that showed Spain will not block an independent Scotland’s entry to the EU. It was a fascinating talk and the turnout was impressive, showing the level of interest in constitutional change.”


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