Animation Sets Out Challenge of Health and Social Care Savings

AN ANIMATED video is the innovative approach being used to set out funding challenges facing the region’s health services and adult social care services.

Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care (DGHSC) is the public body responsible for the delivery of those services – commissioning them from partner organisations such as the NHS and Council.

However, DGHSC Chief Finance Officer Katy Lewis said: “We’re facing some really significant financial challenges in 2018/2019 – needing to make savings of £15.8 million.

“This comes on top of millions of pounds of savings which have already been made within health and social care over the last few years.

“And as we look to make these savings, the welfare of the patient and the service user is our absolute top priority.”

In the last financial year, 2017/18, DGHSC had a budget of £342 million.

Out of this, spending included:

  • £98 million on hospital-based services
  • £165 million on community-based services.
  • £31.7 million on prescription costs.
  • £20 million on women and children’s services.
  • £20 million on mental health services.
  • £13 million on facilities and clinical support.
  • £5 million on IT.
  • £21 million on strategic services.
Katy said: “This year, in 2018/19, the predicted cost for providing those same services has risen to £369.1 million.
“However, our budget is £353.3 million, meaning we are facing a shortfall of £15.8 million.
“In the last financial year we looked after 25,400 people who were admitted to hospital in the region, we were able to treat 48,500 in emergency departments, provided over 300,000 outpatient appointments, supported 467,000 GP appointments and commissioned more than 2.2 million hours of care at home. And all of this is just part of what was delivered.
“So on this sort of scale, a shortfall of nearly £16 million is very significant, and making savings get harder and harder.
“The animated video we’ve produced is intended to help set out how our funding is achieved, where it’s spent, and the sort of challenges this shortfall creates.
“How can the public help? If people are unwell, we’d ask them to help our very hard-working Emergency Department staff and our GPs by considering a community pharmacist as an excellent first point of free expert advice and support.
“And with nearly £32 million being spent on prescriptions last year, people could perhaps take a look at what they’re currently receiving on prescription and give thought to what they actually need. We’d also ask them to avoid stockpiling. It’s easy to think, ‘Oh, it’s only me, and it won’t make a big difference’, but when it’s all added together it has a big impact.
“Meanwhile, engagements events are taking place in the region looking at the way our health and social care services are organised and how they’re being delivered.
“We believe that with this partnership, and working with communities, there’s a great opportunity to create better, more efficient services that really meet the needs of people today, and will be better placed to look after them in the future.”

The animated video, featuring a live-action introduction by Katy Lewis, can be found on the NHS Dumfries and Galloway Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/NHSDG/videos/1994669407246181/

The film will also be appearing on the YouTube channel DGNHS.

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