Historic Artefacts Donated to Gretna Green

3 historic sketches that are over 100 years old have been donated to Gretna Green, the award-winning wedding, hospitality, retail and experience destination, located in Dumfries & Galloway.

The 3 artefacts were donated by a Fife-based man named Michael Pearson who found them in his loft. They were hand drawn in August 1917 by his grandfather, Sydney Pearson, who once lived in Gretna Green. The sketches depict the Famous Blacksmiths Shop, Gretna Old Parish Church, Sark Toll Bar (Old Toll Bar).

Donating the sketches with a hand-written letter, Michael Pearson said, “Knowing these will be in your safe keeping is greatly reassuring to me and I want to thank you for the interest you have shown in this work.”
Isabel Rhodes, Chief Executive at Gretna Green, said, “It is very important for us to preserve our heritage. As a business with over 260 years of history at its heart, artefacts like these, help enrich the story of Gretna Green. We are very grateful that Mr. Pearson donated these incredible sketches to us.”