Kirkcudbright Lass ‘Amy’ Heads To Honduras With Medical Brigade

18 Year Old Amy Hall from Kirkcudbright who is currently studying at Edinburgh University is preparing to head Honduras for a 10 day medical brigade with a group from Uni.

On June 26th ex Kirkcudbright Academy pupil Amy Hall , who intends to pursue a career as a doctor, will be going to Honduras for a 10 day medical brigade with a group from Edinburgh University. The medical brigade is one of the 9 brigades offered by a non-profit international movement called Global Brigades. It aims to improve the health and economy of under-resourced communities and work towards a more equal world. The brigades are organised within the communities to ensure they gain the most from the volunteers and are sustainable.


When she was at school Amy was one of a number of students who benefited from being sponsored by Kirkcudbright Rotary Club to attend the Rotary Young Leaders Award Course. Amy describes this experience as having enabled her to gain more confidence in herself as a leader and she also felt she became more effective as working as part of a team. Kirkcudbright Rotary Club have now sponsored Amy for £150 towards meeting the £1400 cost of this, her most recent adventure

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