Kids got in touch with their inner scientist on Saturday at a wild, wacky family day which proved that science can be a lot of fun.
The 6th annual Wild Science Family Mayhem Day returned to the Crichton Campus in Dumfries and showcased an extravaganza of workshops, stalls, demonstrations and interactive displays all geared towards teaching children and parents the rudiments of science in a fun and interesting way.
1 a 1 a sara Science_Fest_090515_016A record number of children got the chance to browse the many interesting stalls, design and make rockets, meet the RSPB, hunt for mini-beasts, use digital microscopes, learn to juggle, find the bees knees, make Mindstorm robots, get to grips with K’Nex models and enjoy a real-life circus show which taught them the basics of the hidden forces inside the physical and natural world in which they live.
Among the highlights of the day was a special film about Kirkcudbright scientist James Clerk Maxwell, who is hailed as the father of modern physics: a reference to his transformative theory of electromagnetism. The film, A Sense of Wonder, was followed by a discussion with Glasgow University physicists.
This free event saw the culmination of the five-day-long Dumfries and Galloway Wild Science Festival.
Dr Rebecca Crawford, of partners Glasgow Science Festival, said: “We had a wonderful day and a huge thanks to everyone who took part.
“We lost count of the people coming though the door because there was no
let-up – they just kept coming and coming.”

Left –  Griffiths, Events and Learning Officer at RSPB Mereshead, gets to grips with a wriggling mini beast.
Main Photo -Wild Science organisers Dr Rebecca Crawford, of Glasgow Science Festival, and volunteer Carolyn Yates.

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