Humza Yousaf To Be Scotland’s New First Minister

Following Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation, SNP members have elected the new party leader in the 2023 Leadership Election, held between 13 March and 27 March 2023. The new leader of the SNP is Humza Yousaf.

The final number of eligible members was 72,169.

A total of 50,494 ballot papers containing a valid vote were received – 48,645 cast electronically, and 1,849 by post. There were 3 rejected postal ballot papers. The turnout was, therefore, 70%.

See the full result breakdown below.

SNP Leadership Election – Voting Results
For the process above, which closed at 12pm on Monday, 27 March 2023, I give notice that
the result is as follows.
Summary of Voting
The final number of eligible voters was: 72,169
The total number of valid votes received was: 50,494
The total number of rejected ballots was: 3
The turnout was therefore: 70%
48,645 votes were cast electronically.
1,849 votes were cast by post
The first preferences votes were as follows:
Ash Regan: 5,599
This represents 11.1% of the first preference vote.
Kate Forbes: 20,559
This represents 40.7% of the first preference vote.
Humza Yousaf: 24,336
This represents 48.2% of the first preference vote.

As no candidate received more than 50% of the votes, Ash Regan, as the candidate who
received the least number of first preferences was eliminated and any second preference
votes in favour of Kate Forbes or Humza Yousaf were given to them.

The result after those votes were redistributed was as follows:
Kate Forbes: 23,890
This represents 47.9% of the final vote.
Humza Yousaf: 26,032
This represents 52.1% of the final vote.

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