National Consultation Focuses On Improving Parking in The Region

Transport Scotland is undertaking a consultation on Improving Parking in Scotland. This forms part of a Bill which is looking at consolidating and clarifying current laws surrounding pavement parking, parking adjacent to dropped kerbs and double parking.

The purpose of the consultation is to invite views which will provide clarity and consistence when managing and enforcing parking on different types of public roads.
Members of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee (20th June) will be asked to agree the Council’s response to this matter.
Police Scotland have previously held a consultation on the removal of the traffic warden service and have proposed the introduction of Decriminalised parking Enforcement (DPE). This would result in parking enforcement falling under the Council’s remit. After investigations our Council believe that this would result in start-up costs to the Local Authority of around £200,000, with an annual net deficit of £70,000, in addition to estimated staff costs to prepare the required business case and complete the implementation process to the order of £90,000.

The view of the Council is therefore that it would not make good economic sense to fund the new proposals with public money.
Chair of EEI Committee, Cllr Archie Dryburgh said: “We recognise that parking on pavements and footways and blocking people’s driveways is a big issue, not to mention able-bodied people parking in blue badge holder spaces; however we believe that it should remain a criminal issue for Police Scotland to deal with.
The issue already costs us money with the damage done to our pavements by inconsiderate drivers. However, we agree that there are aspects of the law which need clarification, such as parking offences covering all classifications of roads which types of vehicles should be included.
Decriminalising this issue and placing the onus on our Council would cost us a fortune and we truly believe that Police Scotland should continue to be responsible for the matters it is currently responsible for, given the high level of concern about parking and road safety expressed by the public.”

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