Chief Inspector Comments About Inconsiderate & Unlawful Parking

POLICE Scotland aware parking is an emotive issue for our local communities across Dumfries and Galloway and that the subject has generated some local media coverage today 31/03/17.  
Chief Inspector Stephen Stiff would like to explain Police Scotland’s position with regards to illegal parking. “Police Scotland recognises that challenges exist within local communities involving inconsiderate and unlawful parking. As Area Commander I have been working collaboratively with the Local Authority and Retailer’s Association in Dumfries to explore long-term ways of addressing the issue. Local officers throughout Dumfries and Galloway will continue to enforce parking infringements in disabled parking bays as there is an appreciation that irresponsible parking in disabled bays denies access to local services for members of the community who are less able to walk from car parks elsewhere. Local officers will also tackle inappropriate parking where it causes obstruction or danger.
From time to time officers may also undertake purges on double yellow line offences but enforcement alone is not a long term solution to the problem. There also needs to be a focus on education, culture and roads engineering as effective means of delivering long term solutions to the problem. Police Scotland will continue to work with partners to identify opportunities to tackle the issue in innovative ways. I should stress that when balanced against other demands placed upon police officers including dealing with violent offenders, anti-social behaviour, wilful damage to property and catching organised criminals who deliberatly target and steal from the most vulnerable people within our communities, parking can not be treated as an operational priority for police in the division. That said, the police will continue to play their part in tackling parking offences where other priorities permit. There was very helpful discussion at the recent Retailer’s Association meeting on the topic of parking and some innovative ideas were put forward by Association members. I have pledged to continue working with the Association, the Local Authority and other partners to improve the situation for local communities”.

Image courtesy of D&G Police Division

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