Injured Walker Rescued From Tinto After Fall

At 11:39 on Saturday 9th March 2024 Police Scotland asked Moffat Mountain Rescue Team to assist in the rescue of a walker who had slipped near the summit of Tinto hill in Lanarkshire.

Luckily many of the team were already gathered at Moffat Town Hall for the return of our Coffee Morning therefore we were able to mount a quick response.

11 members of Moffat MRT responded to the Callout and given the location of the casualty and potential need in previous callouts to carry the casualty from the hill, Tweed Valley MRT were also asked to assist responding with 7 team members. All attended the RV point alongside the Scottish Ambulance Service Special Operations Response Team (SORT) with Strathclyde Police MRT also en route.

It was quickly decided by the control team that a helicopter was an appropriate resource in this situation therefore HM Coastguard Rescue 199 was ask to respond.

While two members of Moffat MRT approached the casualty’s location, the SORT team deployed their Wolverine vehicle with a Moffat MRT member on board. Moffat MRT arrived at the scene closely followed by R199, with the Wolverine vehicle arriving quickly with a local farmer guiding their route.

The casualty was assessed and pain relief administered before being packaged into a stretcher. Due to strong winds R199 were unable to safely winch the casualty therefore the decision was made to transport the casualty via the Wolverine to R199 which landed on the summit.

As the hasty party neared the casualty with plans to utilise the Wolverine and helicopter resources, other Moffat and Tweed MRT members prepared equipment in case the helicopter was unable to transport the casualty or if it was redeployed. Additionally, MRT members identified and cleared a landing site for the helicopter to safely land near to the Tinto Car Park.

The casualty was then flown down to the landing site where they were transferred to a Scottish Ambulance Service crew and MRT Medics for further management of their injured ankle and transfer to hospital.

We wish them all the best in their recovery.

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