Injured Walker Rescued Off Moffat Hills

At 12:54 on Sunday 16th April 2023 Moffat MRT received a call from Police Scotland to assist an injured walker near Brattleburn Bothy northwest of Moffat.


Many members of the team were already in the area for team training, also taking place in the Moffat hills, and therefore were able to mount a quick response to the incident.


13 team members travelled to the casualty’s location where the walker’s injuries were assessed and managed on the hill with pain relief administered and a lower limb splint applied.


The casualty was then packaged into a Casbag and stretcher, then evacuated to the team’s VW Transporter.


From here they were taken by road to meet the Scottish Ambulance Service to be conveyed onwards to hospital. We wish the casualty all the best in their recovery.


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