Many of you may of noticed some unusual giant sculptures, Including Minions , Three little Pigs and a giant tug of war appearing at the sides of the regions main roads over the last few days. It all comes down to some very imagintive Young Farmers who have been ‘WRAPPED’ up in the creation of their sculptures for a regional competition. 

After the success of the Dumfries and Galloway Young Farmers Bale Art competition  last year in the competition has been rolled out across the whole of the west area of Scotland this year.

Each District in the west area has held its own elimination and with the top 3 from each district going forward to the west final.

The Dumfries and Galloway competition  was  judged by Carol Hogarth  and the results were as follows



All 4 clubs will now go through to final. The other 2 clubs are Machars and Stewartry and they both done a fantastic job as well.

Last years judge Robin Baird founder of DGWGO said ” It is fantastic to see the competition growing in reach, last years sculptures gave a huge amount of joy and laughter to people from right across the region as they travelled along our roads and passed by. All the local Young Farmers clubs have done brilliantly in producing some very imaginative bale art, well done to them all. “

The competition is a great thing for Young Farmers and a great way to promote clubs, attract new members and raise club profiles! The final is being judged this week and should have results for Friday.


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