Jog Moffat’ have been asked by Tesco’s of Lockerbie to help raise some funds for the talented young local athlete Shelby Watson. Shelby is 18 year’s old and from Johnstonebridge, Dumfries and Galloway, she is a T33 wheelchair racer and she currently hold’s the World Records for the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m.  

Jog Moffat and Jog Beattock were honoured to have Shelby present their end of term achievement medals to some of the club’s youngsters, so they are keen to return the favour and help Shelby out.  

 A spokes person for the club told DGWGO “We have a small team of keen joggers who are meeting at Johnstonebridge Community Centre on Saturday 20th of August at 10.30am and we will be led by Shelby on her journey to Lockerbie Tesco.  We are all pledging £10 to enter and some team members are also gathering donations and sponsors. ”

 “We’d love anyone who is keen to join us to get in touch – it’s not a race and some of our joggers are using it as a gentle training session for future races they have planned for the Autumn.  We will stick together and make sure no-one is left jogging on their own.   If you don’t want to jog there is the option to cycle the distance instead.”

“We’ve also said to some of our joggers that if they don’t want to do the full 8 miles they can join us “en route”.

Have the 2016 Olympics inspired you?  Are you willing to join Joggers and Cyclists this Saturday 20th August to accompany Shelby Louise Watson Wheelchair Racer from Johnstonebridge to Tesco Lockerbie Contact Jog Moffat by clicking HERE or by  email ([email protected]



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