Keep KAM – New Local Girl Band


Official Press Release from Garry Gossip of Made In Dumfries

Made In Dumfries are happy to announce that girlband Keep KAM will release a free download on the night of Made In Dumfries.

The girl band, put together but show creator Garry Gossip, is made up of local singers Alana Jane McGeouch, Kirsty Cooper and Megan Callaghan. They have not yet performed together in front of an audience and so have been busy rehearsing for their showcase at Made In Dumfries on Saturday 29th June at the Easterbrook Hall.

The band will release a cover version of a mash-up that they have been working on, which coincides with the launch of their YouTube channel.

For more information on Keep KAM check out them on Facebook

Tickets are avaliable for Made In Dumfries at madeindumfries.com

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