Kippford Tree Needs Your Votes To Be European Tree Of The Year

A defiant lone hawthorn guarding the Dumfries and Galloway coastline at Kippford was voted the UK Tree of the year, but now it needs your votes once again, to be in with a chance of becoming the European tree of the year.
Currently the Kippford hawthorn is sitting on just over 2000 votes but an Oak tree in Poland is way ahead with 17,000 votes.
The tree on the coast of Dumfries & Galloway is a fine example of a mature hawthorn tree. While not spectacular in size, it cuts a striking presence as the only tree on the windswept cockle shell beach. The hawthorn has been enjoyed by three generations of one local Dalbeattie family. It’s been climbed on, battered by the winds and even bumped into by cars turning. Yet still it survives and stands strong and proud on the edge of the beach.
A Spokes person from the ‘Tree Of The Year’ (Europe) Said “For eleven years we have been searching for trees with the most interesting stories. Voting takes place from 1 to 28 February 2022. When voting, always select two trees. Votes in the last week (from 22 to 28 February) are secret, meaning that preliminary vote counts will not be available on the web page.

The results will be announced at the Award Ceremony the 22nd of March, where the winners will be revealed.”

To Vote for the Kippford Hawthorn please click HERE, Every vote counts, so come on everyone, give it a vote and help the UK win.

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