• Michael Houston  a  representative from Kirkcudbright Academy and I am part of the Young Enterprise company Exito Contacted us at DGWGO today to tell us about their Enterprise Scheme

      they have come up with as poart of a national School Competition .


      Michael said ” We are going to be selling at the Thistle Galleries shopping centre, 109 Irish Street Dumfries, this Saturday on the 15th of February from 10 o clock until 3 o clock.”

      “The Mood mugs are porcelain mugs insulated to keep the heat in which allows there to be no need for a handle! LIMITED STOCK –

      happy, moody and stressed left.The mood mug prices are: 1 mug £7.50, 3 mugs £21, 5 mugs £34″ 


      The JPegs are handy coat hooks with strong magnets and can be attached to a fridge by the magnet or a wall using a nail.

       The price of a pack of 3 Jpegs is £6.50.

      Micheal said “it is not a competition, well, sort of is. basically, we have an evening in March  where we make a presentation to show what we have sold, what we have done etc etc. before we started selling this, we got our friends and family to buy shares in our company. But the important bit is to sell our stock.”

    So if your looking for a gift for that some one special , and you want something quirky and unusual , pop along to Thistle Galleries shopping centre in Dumfries this Saturday .

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