2013 Floodlit Tattoo and Firework Display Kirkcudbright

This year for the first ever time, Kirkcudbright held its annual Tattoo, to mark the end of the Kircudbright Summer Festivities on a Saturday evening, instead of the usual bank holiday Monday.  It proved a huge success, with a crowd of 4,200 folk turning up to see the 3 hours of entertainment on the closed street in front of McLellan’s Castle! With a magical ending of an amazing Fire works display to finish the night off with a bang !

We sent DGWGO roving reporter Kevin Sloan of KSS Images along, on his first official DGWGO assignment and press pass.  Here is what Kevin had to say , and just a few of his amazing photos from the evening .


On arriving to the site there was a great sense of hustle and bustle with people jostling to get the best viewing area up on walls crowding the streets which was great to see as everyone was making the most of the sun that was left after a brilliant sunny day.

There was the smell from the BBQ that filled the crowd which added to the friendly family community spirit. The kids were having a blast as they ran around dragging huge flags up and down the street some younger ones fighting to even hold them up but used every ounce of strength to get every minute out of it. when the spotlights came on and the pipers came out the crowd silenced to listen to the music that was blasting out around the harbour. There was impressive displays by the Cheshire Dog Display Team having the dogs jumping through a flaming assault course. The event had everything from flaming dog displays to sword dancers and came to a grand finale with a lone piper up in the castle at the end of the street then fireworks set off to music at the other end of the street.

Hope you can take something from my ramblings

DGWGO would like to thank Kevin for his time and support! 

You can also follow Kevin at his Facebook Page.

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