One Year On, The ‘Weight’ Is Almost Over For DGWGO’s Lara

Lara Baird from team DGWGO joined Weight Watchers in July 2017 when her weight was causing some health issues.  Lara went on a family holiday to Italy and found her ankles swollen when she got off the plane, she described them as old lady ankles at that point she knew something had to change. 
Lara said “I had been overweight most of my life and it was like something just clicked and I knew I had to do something”

Lara joined her local Weight Watchers meeting in Kirkcudbright, her coach Margaret was a great support and kept her motivated from day one.  She found the meeting to be friendly, supportive and full of helpful hints and tips and believes that attending and staying to her weekly meeting was crucial to her weight loss and motivation.

Lara has lost over 84 lbs and loves her new healthy lifestyle; her fantastic weight loss meant that she has dropped 5 dress sizes and feels great in her new clothes.

Lara enjoyed the support of her husband and daughter and both have lost weight themselves in the process; her husband ( DGWGO’s RB) over 3 stones and daughter 1 stone.

Lara Before
Lara said “Our lives have changed greatly and we feel better than ever before, enjoying family walks in the countryside with the dogs whenever possible.” 
Lara continued “Weight Watchers has changed my relationship with food and I have learnt to make healthier choices when it comes to food. I feel like I am living again, rather than just existing.  Weight Watchers enables me to enjoy life and not exclude myself from social events making the whole change in lifestyle far more adaptable and bearable than being on a “diet””
Lara believes that the “Weight Watchers Flex plan is the best they’ve ever had, it is so flexible and you can live your life while eating healthier and enjoying your healthy lifestyle”

Lara has a new found a renewed energy for life she loves going for walks and now attends her local Metafit class, loves going swimming, running and has now got a treadmill so she can run even on a rainy days.

Lara Now, after losing 84 Lbs
Lara says “I hated exercise before Weight Watchers and would never had dreamed of enjoying any part of it and would find any excuse to avoid it, now, I  get agitated if I don’t do at least 20,000 steps per day”

Lara, who is not just a busy mum, also works for the NHS as well as helping her husband run the family farm and DGWGO, is nearing her goal weight and can’t wait to reach it in the next couple of months. 


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