Survey Seeks Feedback on Life-Changing Equipment Service

THOUSANDS of items ranging from walking sticks to chair raisers and special iPads are being used across the region by people of all ages every day.

This equipment is classed as ‘Assistive and Inclusive Technology’, and now a survey is seeking feedback on a service provided via Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership.

Graham Abrines is General Manager for Community Health and Social Care, and he said: “Every single day we provide technology which helps people to live better, more independent lives.
“There can be an obvious need, such as for a hearing aid or stairlift, but it’s also equipment that people may not even know can help them.
“Tap turners can help people with arthritis, while a simple long-handled shoehorn can help someone who finds it difficult to bend down.
“Also coming under this Assistive Technology is the Care Call system which uses technology to support people to live safely in their own homes.
“And this technology is used by all ages, with iPads featuring bespoke software mounted to wheelchairs or desks to enable pupils who have issues around communication, special postural seating to enable and support children, and technology including walking frames to help with their mobility.”

The newly-launched survey is aiming to find out what impact this range of technology is having on people’s lives, how they are accessing Assistive Technology services and how they would rate that service.

However, Graham Abrines said: “Crucially, we don’t just want to hear from the people who are already making use of Assistive Technology.
“We’re also extremely keen to get input from people who do not yet use Assistive Technology – but who might in the future.
“We’re asking those people how they would like to access information and advice about that technology, and about methods of obtaining this technology.”

Robert Mccallay is Manager of the Integrated Community Equipment Service which provides much of the technology, and he is asking people to spare just a couple of minutes to complete the online survey.

Robert said: “We send out a huge range of this technology every week, and it would be fantastic if people could spare a minute to respond with some feedback.
“There are four to six simple multiple choice questions depending on whether someone is already using the technology or is a potential future user, so please visit the link.”

The survey is running from Wednesday March 7 until Wednesday March 28, and can be accessed by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/assistequip