Local Community Cries Out For Much Needed NHS Dentists 

Castle Douglas In Dumfries and Galloway is seeking two NHS dentists to start providing services from a vacant clinic in their town have taken their message onto video.

Several local residents of Castle Douglas appear in the short film, promoting the opportunity which currently exists within Garden Hill Primary Care Centre.

Alison Milne is Director of Dentistry for NHS Dumfries and Galloway, and she said: “The vacant clinic in Castle Douglas represents a brilliant opportunity for an NHS dentist.

“This is a facility which could see NHS dental services provided to the town and surrounding area, and there’s a huge amount of local interest in attracting two dentists to take up this opportunity.

“This is reflected in the video, where we see a series of local residents including a local vet and minister promoting this fantastic community and all that it has to offer, encouraging dentists who might be thinking about taking up this opportunity to give it serious thought.”

The video showcases the many appealing features of the immediate community of Castle Douglas and the wider area, including the Dark Skies Park, Galloway Hills, the attractive shorelines, along with activities including hiking, mountain biking and local drama groups.

In the video, vet Bruce Haggerty said: “Castle Douglas and the surrounding area of the Stewartry are fabulous places.

“It’s a wonderful wee corner of the world that is often overlooked, driven past and ignored, but actually has amazing things to offer in life – things to do, family life, it’s a great wee corner of the world.

“I’m originally from Glasgow, came down in 2009, and I’ve fallen in love with the place; it’s a fantastic part of the world.”

Postmaster Colin Wilson joins others in the video in noting the many appealing features of the area, and a community which has a low crime rate and which provides help to those who need it – pulling together in a crisis.

However, Mr Wilson said: “There is one thing that is missing in the town, and that is dental provision.

“We have an excellent medical centre which is really relatively new, excellent GPs, and we are really missing a dentist. The town is looking for a dentist, and we’d really encourage somebody to seriously consider Castle Douglas – to come down, have a look, have a feel about the place, and see what we can offer you.”

Another resident, Julie Irving, notes the concern about lack of access to NHS dental care.

Julie said: “It would be phenomenal to have NHS dentistry back within the local area.

“I really hope dentists see this and think, ‘This is the place for me, I want to live there, where the quality of life is good, the pace of life is good, we’ve got great schools, we’ve got great communities – come and join us in Castle Douglas.”

Details on the opportunities for two NHS dentists at the clinic at Garden Hill Primary Care Centre can be found at the following location: https://apply.jobs.scot.nhs.uk/Job/JobDetail?jobid=170633&source=JobtrainRss