LocLocal Labour Candidate Offers “Fresh Start” For Annandale North In Upcoming By-Election

Lochmaben local Adam Wilson has been selected as the Scottish Labour candidate for the upcoming by-election in Annandale North ward on 17th November.

Adam, who has lived in Annandale North with his family all of his life, attended Lochmaben Primary and Lockerbie Academy, and is currently studying Business Management at the University of Edinburgh.

Adam previously represented the local area as a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, and was previously a member of both Lochmaben and Lockerbie Community Councils.

Adam Wilson said:

“I am honoured to have the opportunity to represent the area I have lived my entire life. People in Annandale North are crying out for a fresh start, with a fresh voice standing up for our needs – not more of the same tired faces that who fail to offer an alternative to the neglect and cuts our area faces.

“If elected I will work hard to see a new direction being taken which matches our communities priorities and gets a fair share for our area. We urgently need to move away from the cutting and slashing mentality of the Scottish and UK Governments. The only way to tackle the GP crisis in Moffat, the parking problems around Lockerbie Rail Station, the continuing threat to local policing, speeding in Lochmaben High Street, and to protect and improve the local services which we all rely on is to stop the cuts. Slogans won’t solve our local issues, dedication and hard work can – and that is my pledge to local people.”

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