Major Round Of Covid Vaccinations Now Underway 

ANOTHER major round of COVID-19 vaccination is now underway in Dumfries and Galloway, focused at both ends of the age spectrum. 


At the start of this week, provision of second booster jags got underway for people aged 75 and over, and for people aged 12 plus who are immune-suppressed.


Meanwhile, over the next four weeks first dose vaccinations will be offered to young people aged five to 11.


Dr Nigel Calvert is Vaccination Co-ordinator in NHS Dumfries and Galloway, and he said: “We’re back to an extremely busy period with COVID-19 vaccinations again, providing second boosters to some of those most vulnerable to the effects of the virus, and providing a first round of defence to young people aged five to 11.
“All people within these groups will receive an appointment letter, and we would ask them to patiently await details of time and location.
“Over 75s are being appointed through a national system, and we are aware of some local issues where people have been appointed some distance from where they live.
“We’d ask anyone who thinks this might apply to them when their letter arrives to contact us locally so that we can arrange an appointment closer to where they live – calling us on 01387 403090  Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, or emailing [email protected]
“We aim to provide second boosters to those aged 75 plus once 24 weeks past their last jag, and appointments are being sent out once people have reached that point.
“Currently, we’re using our local teams to appoint those aged five to 11, with vaccinations taking place over the first week of the Easter holidays and at weekends thereafter until the end of April.
“All of this is a major undertaking, and is stretching our tireless vaccination teams.
“In order to support this work, drop-in clinics which had been operating in the region have been temporarily placed on hold.
“Our plan is to review local provision of drop-in clinics again on April 11.
“In the meantime, we recognise that some people may be due a follow-up vaccination, or may still be seeking their first, and would encourage them to get in touch locally using the same local contact information, calling 01387 403090 or emailing [email protected]
“As we’ve seen demonstrated locally and nationally, being fully vaccinated provides the highest degree of defence against what can still be a very nasty virus, and helps us towards some sense of normality.
“We’d encourage everyone to take up every vaccination opportunity extended to them, as it does provide the best chance to help protect them and their communities.”

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