It’s Top ‘Service’ For Missing Bubba The Bunny

Mikyla Johnston from Kingholm Quay, Dumfries’ family were distraught when their beloved bunny ‘Bubba’ the Lionhead went missing while her garden play area was being rabbit proofed last Tuesday 17th of January. But thanks to a Facebook campaign and the fantastic staff at James Haughs Garage in the town the family have been reunited with ‘Bubba’ who has been getting ‘top Service’ from all the team at Haughs while she stayed in their care.

Mikyla said “Wow! So something pretty amazing just happened. Last Tuesday while my husband was rabbit proofing our new garden, our lionhead rabbit managed to escape. We assumed the worst as she plays with our cats and our concern was that she’d think a fox or dog would also want to play. Well today ( Thursday 26th January) the guys at James Haugh garage (opposite the train station) posted on Facebook about finding a rabbit last night.

I actually cannot believe it….but it’s our Bubba!!! She’s travelled from Kingholm Quay, all the way into town! The guys made up a cage for her, bought her food and a water bottle and made a bed for her too. I’m so happy we’ve got our girl back and the kids will be so excited when they come home from school!”

Mikyla and her family wanted to add that they can’t thank everyone at James Haughs Garage enough for what they have done.

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