Do you like to sing? It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are, whether you can carry a tune or drop it regularly, all you need is enthusiasm, commitment, and a love of laughter! The Moving Stories Community Choir is being formed for a special project and we’d love you to be part of this exciting new venture.

Local Charity Massive Outpouring of Love has joined forced with composer Lucy Renwick; award winning photographer Kim Ayres and choir director Kate Howard to create Moving Stories; a brand new piece for multiple voices that will be performed across Dumfries and Galloway during Refugee Week (June 18th – 25th), with a sneak ‘work in progress’ peek at The Stove on June 9th.

Blending modern choral work with spoken word, photography and soundscapes, the project aims to send a message of hope and unity across the region and bring people together from all walks of life to create something beautiful, moving and thought provoking.

“Moving Stories was born as a response to an increasingly negative portrayal of migration by the mainstream media.” Said MOOL founder, Moxie DePaulitte. “People, locally, were unsure what effect migration would have on them and their lives, and became fearful, so we began to explore the many things that led to people making Dumfries and Galloway their home. We interviewed people who had moved to the region from overseas or just up the road, and found they came for all kinds of reasons. Some came for love, some escaped danger, others came to fill a gap in the job market or create a better quality of life for their children. It was fascinating to discover the rich, colourful stories that people carry inside and find out why they migrated.”
Composer Lucy said “Working with Kim, Kate, Jay and Moxie has been amazing. We really hope this piece will encourage people to view migration in a more positive light and realise just how much we all benefit from a multicultural society. I’ve never created so hard in all my days, so it would be wonderful if we could pull together and form an incredible community choir to really bring the music to life.  Don’t be afraid, we’re a friendly, supportive bunch, so please give it a try and help us celebrate unity!”

The Moving Stories Community Choir will meet for the first time on Saturday May 19th at The Theatre Royal, Dumfries between 10.30am and 3.30pm. Why not come along and test the waters with no obligation. Light refreshments will be provided but please bring a light lunch or a cold snack to share. The Theatre is fully accessible and there is parking close by.

Subsequent rehearsals will be on Monday evenings between 7:15 and 9:15pm at Lincluden Community Centre. Car sharing is encouraged and we will try to link people together for lifts where possible. You’ll also be able to learn the songs via CD/download so you can join in from afar!

If you’d like to be involved then you can find out more via Facebook (www.facebook.com/MoolMovingStories), www.mool.scot or emailing Lucy at [email protected]

Massive Outpouring of Love is also having a raffle, to raise vital funds, which will be drawn at their AGM on May 17th.  Some of the incredible prizes include a stunning cold-cast bronze resin hare by renowned artist Elizabeth Waugh; original artworks by Sally Steel and Denise Zygadlo; and donations by authors Cathy Cassidy and Eileen Kay. Tickets are for sale at Mrs Greens, The Stove Café, Jenny Wren, and PA Pop Up in CD, and Moniaive Folk Festival or by emailing [email protected]

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