Dumfries and Galloway MP Richard Arkless has asked the Prime Minister to meet with him to discuss the Scottish Power cash back scandal..

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Richard Arkless said that he was ‘utterly convinced’ that over 2,000 of Dumfries and Galloway’s residents are owed cash back from Scottish Power.

Scottish Power sold a 100% cash back warranty to customers throughout the UK in the late 1990’s but never paid a single penny back to their customers when the time came for them to claim the refund.

Mr Arkless has joined an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) that was formed to investigate this £75million miss-selling scheme which has affected over half a million people throughout the UK.

On Wednesday Mr Arkless said to the Prime Minister:

“Last week ScottishPower refused to attend an evidence session with the cashback APPG where crucial new evidence was uncovered.

“As a former consumer litigator I am utterly convinced that over two thousand of my constituents and over half a million people in the UK are owned cash backs from ScottishPower.

“Given this is a scandal of potentially huge proportions will the Prime Minister agree to meet with me and the cross party APPG to discuss how we can assure that these ordinary, hard working people receive the cash backs they were promised from ScottishPower.”

The Prime Minister said that any wrong doing on Scottish Powers part should be fully investigated and agreed to arrange a meeting with Mr Arkless and the other members of the APPG with the relevant minister in the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Commenting, Mr Arkless said:

“Given the numbers of people who could be owed money by Scottish a Power, this issue has received relatively little media attention. I took the opportunity that Prime Ministers Question’s presented to shine a spotlight on this outrageous scandal.

“Scottish Power are trying to avoid liability when thousands of my constituents are owed money – for that reason alone I will not be letting this one go.”

Photo shows Richard Arkless MP raising the Scottish Power cash back scandal at Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday 24th February from BBC Courtesy of Richard Arkless MP

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