MP Richard Arkless Signs Dumfries Pledge

Dumfries and Galloway  MP Richard Arkless has added his name to the long list of people who have pledged to support community developments in Dumfries town centre.


The pledge is part of the community led Stove Network’s Midsteeple Quarter consultation event, which aims to breath new life into Dumfries, particularly around the Midsteeple area.


The initiative has seen a huge response from local people and businesses with over 700 people taking part so far.  An online survey has also been part of the consultation giving people a much needed opportunity to have their say and be part of a community led process to help create and shape a more vibrant town centre.


Richard, who has his primary constituency office in Dumfries town centre said:


“The response to the consultation has shown just how passionate people are about Dumfries and it is wonderful to hear a shift in the general tone of how people talk about the town centre – instead of a resigned acceptance of Dumfries problems I am hearing lots of exciting and innovative ideas about how Dumfries can be transformed.  People are keen to be involved, to make their view known and to take an active role in improving their local area.”


“Dumfries has a tremendous amount of potential and this initiative has helped to reveal that.  I look forward to the next step of the Midsteeple Quarter project.”


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