Mundell Welcomes Early Re-opening of West Coast Main line

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell has welcomed the news that the West Coast Main line rail track has opened ahead of schedule.

Storm damage at the Lamington Viaduct had meant Network Rail saying trains running from Glasgow-Carlisle, including at Lockerbie wouldn’t be running until the start of March at the earliest.

However, trains have been running again as of this morning in a huge boost to passengers at Lockerbie.

Commenting David Mundell said: “This is fantastic news for rail passengers at Lockerbie after having to suffer weeks of disruption.

“With the repair work being completed ahead of schedule, passengers can settle back into a routine in terms of travelling to work, meetings and heading for shopping in major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“The situation has been far from ideal but I fully understand that the repairs needed to be completed to ensure they are best protected against any potential storm damage in the future and ensure rail passengers are travelling on a safe route.

“It is a real credit to the engineers working at the Lamington Viaduct that the line will open ahead of schedule as well as those at Network Rail and I thank everyone involved who have brought some very welcome news for passengers.”

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