Negative Test Added to Certification

From today the Covid certification scheme includes provision for a negative test for Covid-19, as an alternative to proof of vaccination.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“Covid certification is playing a positive role in reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. It is also allowing higher risk settings to continue to operate more safely. This change makes it possible for people to show proof of a negative test as an alternative to proof of vaccination.
“In addition as we approach the festive period and people socialise indoors, we are asking for everyone to significantly step up and increase compliance with public health measures. This includes using LFD testing more regularly as well as getting vaccinated, wearing face coverings and working from home where possible.
“I have been heartened to see that there has been a significant increase in demand for tests recently, and would encourage all households to have and use a regular supply of the tests.”

LFD test kit instructions include details of how to register a test result on the online results portal or by phone. Once the test result is registered (and the individual consents to receive a confirmation message), an email and text is issued to confirm the result. People can show that text or email message to gain entry to settings where certification is needed.

The Scottish Government is also working with local partners including Local Authorities and transport partners to further expand the availability of free lateral flow tests and identify further sites for them to be picked up, including shopping centres, supermarkets, garden centres, sports grounds, Christmas markets and transport hubs.


– Guidance for customers and businesses has been published.

– An example copy of the instructions for undertaking and registering a lateral flow test is available online – Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing (publishing.service.gov.uk). Newer lateral flow devices are much easier to use than the older ones – they require nasal swabs only rather than nasal and throat swabs.

– Tests are available free of charge to order on the UKG website or for collection at a pharmacy or test site. 99% of the population is within a 20 minute drive and 84% of the population are within a 20 minute walk of a Community Pharmacy or Dispensing GP where tests can be collected.

– Local Community Test Sites also offer the option of undertaking an assisted test at the test site, with the same process for results upload and receipt of test result confirmation as the self-tests.

– Proof of vaccination or a record of a negative test is needed to get into the following higher risk settings in Scotland:

  • late night premises with music, which serve alcohol at any time between midnight and 5am and have a designated place for dancing for customers
  • indoor events (unseated) with 500 or more people
  • outdoor events (unseated) with 4,000 or more people
  • any event with 10,000 or more people
  • Unless exempt, everyone attending these settings and events must be able to show they have been fully vaccinated or that they have a record of a negative rapid lateral flow test (LFD) or PCR taken within the previous 24 hours.

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