New GP Recruitment Campaign Focusses On D&G’s Natural Assets

The Galloway Glens Scheme is working with Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social care (H&SC) to lead a new recruitment campaign, encouraging more GPs to come the region.

Dumfries & Galloway, like almost everywhere else, is facing a real challenge in recruiting GPs to meet the local demand. There are a range of vacancies currently available in medical practices across the region. This is despite our region boasting a variety of ‘quality of life’ and other attractions.

This month sees the launch of a new recruitment campaign by D&G H&SC, spearheaded by a video titled ‘Dumfries & Galloway: The Natural Place to be a GP’. Including interviews from two practicing GPs, and using footage from across the region, it highlights Dumfries & Galloway as a great place to Work/Live/Play in general practice.

This will be targeted through a number of channels, aiming to reach the maximum number of GPs. For all GP vacant posts in Dumfries and Galloway please visit www.gpjobs.scot

At the launch of the video, Suzy Saunderson, NHS D&G’s Recruitment Campaign Manager, said:

What a great opportunity to work in partnership with Galloway Glens and to also use some footage we had from Scarlet Visuals to help promote our area and posts with in Health and Social care. If you are returning to the area or coming here for the first time we want you to be part of our community and our work family and i hope this video shows this.
I love how the community is pulling together to make Dumfries and Galloway be the best it can be.  We are all passionate about recruiting people to the area and you can see this in Heather and Emma stories of why they were attracted to work with us and why both they and their families still love living here”

McNabb Laurie, Galloway Glens Team leader, added:

“It has been great to work with our friends in D&G Health and Social care. Success in their recruitment efforts will benefit us all!
Everywhere is struggling to recruit GPs however we have been able to draw on the major attractions of our region – the quality of life, the great outdoors and our natural assets to make a case which I hope will really speak to people tempted to bring their skills to our area.”

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