New Milestone For 21st Century Crichton Village Project

  • The Crichton Trust are taking forward their latest project within The Crichton Quarter, Dumfries with the development of a strategic masterplan for the Ladyfield site.
  • Collective Architecture, with RaeburnFarquharBowen, Buro Happold and nbm Construction Consultants, have been appointed to lead the strategic masterplan project on behalf of the Crichton Trust.
  • The strategic masterplan will provide a framework for a vibrant, sustainable exemplar new place that celebrates the rich heritage and landscape setting of Ladyfield and The Crichton.
  • This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Local partners have been developing ambitious plans to reconnect Ladyfield with The Crichton and to create a multi-generational housing community on the land, now referred to as The Crichton 21st Century Village.  The Ladyfield site, currently in the ownership of Dumfries and Galloway Council, sits adjacent to The Crichton.

The Crichton is an 85-acre parkland estate located on the outskirts of Dumfries. It has a thriving business, leisure and academic community and is managed by The Crichton Trust, a charity and social enterprise with a role to protect, preserve, maintain, promote and sensitively develop the estate and its heritage.

To further progress these ambitious plans, The Crichton Trust has appointed a multi-disciplinary team led by Collective Architecture to develop a robust masterplan to consider options for the future development of the site.

The first key stage of this process will involve open engagement with the local community and key stakeholders, with the first community event is scheduled to take place at Easterbroook Hall on 9th June 2022 at 14.00, this is open to all in the community to come along and attend.

This event will focus on what makes the Ladyfield site special and unique in the eyes of stakeholders and the local community. This will underpin a shared understanding of the site and guide the principles for taking forward the strategic plan, through the establishment of common goals and principles. A statement covering Vision, Character and Strategy for the development of Ladyfield will subsequently be created and shared publicly.

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