Abbey camera club was founded nine years ago after two founding members did a project with the Poverty Alliance called no picnic at the time they were based at the North West Resource Centre and at the end of the project they approached staff at the centre to see if they could keep it going.

They then did a project helped by Historic Scotland. At the end of the project the club was formed being called the North West Dumfries Photography Group which was later shortened to Abbey Camera Club taking the name from Lincluden Abbey The club has gone from strength to strength being successful from getting two separate Awards for All grants from the National Lottery.

We have a permanent exhibition in Cafe DG2 in the North West Resource Centre. We are a small club of like minded people who have a passion for photography with membership from complete beginners who are not sure how to work their camera to semi professional members who help the less experienced members to get to grips with their cameras.


Here are some of the Clubs amazing photos from around the region and further afield

We meet all year round but in the summer months it is only every third Wednesday, on these nights we go to various locations around the the town and surrounding area. In the winter months we meet every Wednesday night at the North West Resource Centre Lincluden, where we have nights showing members how to edit images with photoshop with the occasional portrait night or still life, we have on occasions had photographers give us a talk on there work.

New members get two free visits to see if they like us. Your first years membership is only £10.00 with any junior members who must be accompanied by an adult is only £10.00 per year. there is no age limit.

Our more experienced members are more than happy to help new members who are not sure how to work their camera and advise what the best settings would be for the location.

If you are new to photography or just starting out in digital and not sure how to get the best out of your camera or want to learn how to edit them, then why not come along to Abbey Camera Club, your first two visits are free to allow you to see if it is for you. We are a friendly bunch with members from beginner to advanced so there is always someone who can help you with your camera or editing questions.


You can find out More about Abbey camera Club by visiting their website at http://www.abbeycameraclub.co.uk/