Newcomers – Dumfries & Galloway Multiculural Association (DGMA) – Rock Nychburris!

This year’s Guid Nychburris parade was embraced by the newcomers Dumfries & Galloway Multiculural Association (DGMA), who have surprisingly never appeared in our parade before.

They really went all out with the whole thing!

They rocked our ‘Neighbour Zone’ with a giant lion puppet, a fire monkey, and a whole host of spectacular volunteer funk!

Chair woman of DGMA Yen Hongmei Jin commented on the whole thing today, saying: “We are absolutely honoured to be partaking in the Guid Nychburris celebrations – it’s been a real treat. I can’t wait until next year. Most importantly I’d like to shout out a thanks to our volunteers who offered such a great amount of help to the project.”

Councillor Yen would like to thank Shape Wise, Aaron Shepherd, Oliwia Gmyz, Bilyana Tashkova, Marysia Maria Garska-Maharjan, Liliane Paterson,Ozlem Karazeybek, Moira, Chyro, Hilda, John Caskie, Christopher, Julia, Kelvin, Lucy, Joanna, Elizabeth and Tom Telfer.

Photo’s by Tom Telfer, Yen, and Oliwia Gymz

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