NHS Dumfries and Galloway is Carer Positive

NHS Dumfries and Galloway was recognised as an employer that supports Carers in the workplace on Thursday 21 January when the Board was awarded Engaged Carer Positive status.

Carer Positive status is awarded to employers in Scotland who have a working environment where carers are valued and supported. This might be through flexible working policies or with simple practical measures which can make a big difference to carers.

The award was presented by Sue McLintock from Carers Scotland. She said: “We are delighted to recognise NHS Dumfries and Galloway as a Carer Positive employer. The Board has demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting staff with caring responsibilities and developing a culture where they will feel valued.
“The approach taken by the Health Board to establish and develop this support has also been an excellent example of how the Carer Positive agenda can be progressed, both within the organisation and in the wider community.”
Non-Executive NHS Board members Lesley Bryce knows what it is like to be a Carer. She said: “It is vital that Carers have a supportive employer if they are going to be able to balance their work life with their caring responsibilities.

“This award shows that NHS Dumfries and Galloway is committed to working with Carers to provide the flexibility they need. I am proud to be a part of an organisation that recognises the valuable contributions Carers make at home and in the workplace. I would also like to thank the members of the Carer Positive Working Group who worked so hard on an excellent application and I welcome their commitment to driving the Carers’ agenda forward.”

Chairman of the Board Philip Jones agreed and said: “The Scottish Government estimates that around 10% of people in Scotland provide care to another person. In Dumfries and Galloway that means at least 15,000 people are caring for a family member or friend but there are likely to be many more.

“As one of the region’s biggest employers it is essential that our staff, and prospective employees, know that this Board is sympathetic to the needs of Carers and willing to implement Carer friendly policies to support our workforce.”

To find out more about Carer Positive, please visit www.carerpositive.org or contact Sue McLintock at [email protected] or on 0141 445 3070.

PICTURE SHOWS: Lynne Patterson (Human Resources Officer, Dumfries and Galloway Council) Larel Currie (Commissioning Officer) Carol Stewart (Keep Well Programme Manager) Linda Davidson (Deputy Director of Human Resource and Organisational Development) Philip Jones, Chairman of NHS Dumfries and Galloway) Sue McLintock (Manager Carer Positive Awards, Carer Scotland) Lesley Jeffrey (Assistant Manager Dumfries and Galloway Carers’ Centre) Jane Middleton (Carer Aware Trainer) Lesley Bryce (Non Executive Director for NHS Dumfries and Galloway) Heather Aitchison (Specialist Practitioner Occupational Health)

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