Nith Inshore Rescue awarded HM Coastguard Declared Facilities Agreement

After significant work, to display achievement of a number of high standards, Nith Inshore Rescue has today received confirmation that we have successfully attained the Declared Facilities Agreement with HM Coastguard.

Peter Bryden, Secretary Of Nith Inshore Rescue told DGWGO News “This means that, in addition to our long and proud history of working for and with HM Coastguard, we are now declared as one of their identified key resources for the Upper Solway and further afield if required. This is an important recognition of the training and hard work undertaken by all crew, past and present, to achieve the highest possible standards to support HM Coastguard and deliver our vital service to the public.
Further to this, and despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the last few months have seen a complete refurbishment of the lifeboat St John, which has been fitted with twin 115 horsepower mariner engines to replace the previous engines, which had seen the end of their serviceable time for a lifeboat. The crew have also acquired a number of new pieces of equipment including and pole mounted underwater camera to aid in search, rescue and recovery operations.”


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